FCA is prepared to use its considerable experience in assisting clients engaged in all litigation matters, working efficiently and effectively in gathering and developing the facts which attorneys can present in court and other judicial proceedings on behalf of our clients. FCA will focus on providing clients and their attorneys with that information required for informed, timely, and effective legal representation.

In such investigations, FCA's activities include searches of comprehensive on-line computer databases; development of confidential sources knowledgeable about third party companies and individuals directly involved in the matter; public records research in appropriate federal, state and local jurisdictions; identification of a subject’s litigation history; and interviews with individuals knowledgeable of the matter in question. Background information for each key individual and business will be collected, providing clients and attorneys with critical information as to misrepresentations, financial irregularities, corporate waste, and any other improprieties discovered.

FCA investigators are experienced witnesses, and will be available as necessary.

Litigation support also includes the following specific actions, done in coordination with out clients’ legal representatives: